Banana Apple Pie Pancake

Yeeeyy, last post was posted on 2012 hahaha, this is sad. I don’t think I can make excuses for that lol, so without further explanation where have I been and all, let’s just say, life was getting in the way. Now I’m back, solo, yolo, since I’m living separately from my sister. The foods/recipes that […]

Salmon and Bacon

Both are my favorite food ever, ever, literally. Never had a thoughts to combine them before, at least not before my sister made one for me. Yeaa.. she made this one, I was to tired from school and stuff hah.. There is no special ingredients there as you can see. We purely use the usual stuff, salmon […]

Scrambled Omelette

Another brunch, omelete for good. I remember back then that omelete is like the first food my dad taught us to make. Enough for a living hahaha.. Well, we didn’t really use his recipe here, we just grabbed everything we had in our fridge, so, here is it! We had tomatoes, broccoli, green onion, mozzarella cheese and […]