Banana Apple Pie Pancake

Yeeeyy, last post was posted on 2012 hahaha, this is sad. I don’t think I can make excuses for that lol, so without further explanation where have I been and all, let’s just say, life was getting in the way. Now I’m back, solo, yolo, since I’m living separately from my sister. The foods/recipes that […]

Peanut Butter Jam Bento

One of the thing that I’d eat everyday if I have the ability not gaining weight how much I eat is probably peanut butter…. on e-ve-ry-thing. Too good, can’t resist, yep more than Nutella and bacon. – Peanut butter blueberry jam sandwich – white egg scramble with mushroom and spinach in yellow pepper ring – […]

Sweet Yam and Shrimp Bento

One of my friend told me while I had my lunch that that day was the first time he saw someone bring sweet yam for lunch to school…. well, now he knows I do bring sweet yam cause they’re awesome! I love them more than potatoes cause I can just eat it without dressing or […]

Indo/Chinese Bento

Mom made us Indonesian food and had my bro to bring it last month. All of them are my fave Indonesian food. One calle serundeng, which is beef cooked with caramelized coconut; other one is fish abon, I love it but it’s a litte bit too spicy for me, I can only eat a bit […]

Baked Seasoned Potato

Cutting out french fries and make your own bake potato, more healthy and more seasoned. It’s good for snacks or for side dishes. Did I sounded like and advertisement just now?? ..I’ll keep this post fast.. Ingredients: (for 2 serving) 2 medium sized potato salt and pepper honey olive oil paprika basil (oregano works too) […]