We, Zadia and Zevena (sisters) start to build this blog since we both got on Canada, live together and we realized that we have to cook for ourselves to survive. This blog is dedicated to all of who like to cook, bake and EAT! And especially to our beloved Mom who is the best cook we know.

Me, Zadia, who is managing this blog, writing the contains and also as the photographer, and the cook. And my sister, Zevena, she does the cook also the one that do the research most of the recipes; friends, books and Google take big parts for sure.

We also have this little project we do, called ‘Around The World with Food!’ So basically we pick random paper that has countries name on it every week, and we cook that country’s nationality food.

So, for the cook and eater (?) out there, hope you enjoy reading the blog as we enjoy writing and sharing them with you.

Photo on 13-11-01 at 11.59 AM copy

So, I, Zadia, now live away from the sister, Zevena (and a brother actually!) I stopped blogging on this account for a while. Recently I got email notification from a commenter and what a timing, in these days I’ve been off the wagon of eating healthy and I decided even though I won’t be able to blog and cook with my sister anymore, I still manage this account and I know by blogging my food it’ll help me stay on track on my eating habit. So I will. Bare with me.

Let’s start a new page, step new steps in this journey with me. School will be somewhat in the way of this journey but, gotta do what we gotta do.

I’m just joking, for those who don’t have sense of humor. Let’s eat.


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