Banana Apple Pie Pancake

Yeeeyy, last post was posted on 2012 hahaha, this is sad. I don’t think I can make excuses for that lol, so without further explanation where have I been and all, let’s just say, life was getting in the way. Now I’m back, solo, yolo, since I’m living separately from my sister. The foods/recipes that I’m going to post from now on are probably going to be HIGH CALORIES, cause..I like it that way. And also intermittent fasting (Google that if you don’t know about it), I eat twice a day so each meal are going to be dense and intense. Joking. But all the foods are still good, just share if you don’t or can’t eat them alone (lol).

Here’s one of my favourite pancake to make, banana pancake. Because it only needs 2 ingredients and I’m lazy it’s super easy to make.



– 2 eggs

– banana

– apple (I use Gala)

– cinnamon

– peanut butter

– honey

How To:

– Mash the banana and mix it with the eggs, I use the blender so it’ll be smoother and faster, this way you’ll make a lot of bubbles in your batter.

– While cooking the pancakes, slice the apples into small pieces and put it in a microwaveable container, put cinnamon in it and mix it, microwave for about 2 minutes.

I made 4 slices of turkey bacon on the side, I cooked them first so I can use the grease for my pancakes. It was my first time trying turkey bacon, not bad turkey..not bad. I made 2 pancakes and put peanut butter in the middle, apple cinnamon on top, shower it with honey. Whheee..~


I got no one to share nor who I care so until the last bite it was all for myself. 

Soch poet, much deliciousness .



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