Indo/Chinese Bento

Mom made us Indonesian food and had my bro to bring it last month. All of them are my fave Indonesian food. One calle serundeng, which is beef cooked with caramelized coconut; other one is fish abon, I love it but it’s a litte bit too spicy for me, I can only eat a bit by bit; there’s also a pork jerky kind of, it has a unique taste of spices and it’s sweet and spicy; last one is sweet tempeh, this one is the bomb, add it to any dishes with rice and it’s all good. Man I’m drooling now.

Anyway, this one was one of my bento this week. Oh, see that? New bento? Got it from Laptop Lunch, love this cuties. ;D

– Stir fried onions, yellow pepper, chinese lettuce and carrot with sweet sauce;

– White rice with Serundeng, fish abon and sweet tempeh;

– Halved peach

– Go Goji from bulk barn

– Vanilla yoghurt


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