Baked Stuffed Chicken and Mushroom

Good morning ya all, I don’t have work today but woke up so early without alarm, my body alarm’s kinda get the habit of me waking up early nowadays, I even always wakes up 5 minutes before the alarm ring! I don’t remember I’ve ever been a morning person, ever, and never thought that I can handle it. Maybe it’s because the fatigue I’m having each day lately so I always ended up having a good night sleep. Which is good, feels so fresh and the day seems longer, I also can manage my 5 times per day eating, so it’s all good.

Pinterest has been taking away my life right now, such an addicting site, this one dish I’m gonna show you right now is aspirated by some of the recipes there. This one is my own personal recipe though. Now, if you buy 3 chicken breast and you cooked two of them for two person, and leaving you a single chicken breast, you might wonder how to divide it so you both get to eat some. This happened to us too, before we fight for the chicken breast by pulling each side, lol, I decided to split  a 1.3lb chicken breast side way and stuff it with slightly sauted spinach, chop of mushroom stems and cheese, now that I’m writing this I just remember I should’ve add bacon bites for more crunchy-ness..sigh. So here’s the juicy chicken breast that everyone adore!

Ingredients: (2 person)

1.3 chicken breast

1 cup chopped spinach

shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese

olive oil


2 mushroom

salt and pepper


How To:

Slice the chicken breast in two, and pound it a bit so it’s easier to stuff later. Marinade it with a dash of olive oil and honey, and sprinkle salt and pepper, add basil, oregano or pepper would be a good option too! Put it aside and let it absorb the seasoning, while waiting saute the chopped spinach for about 1 minute in medium heat, set aside. Cut out the clean washed mushroom stem and chop it finely, mix it to the spinach and the fun part begins. Take some part of the filling and spread it on the chicken, add the cheese on top and roll it, seal the chicken with toothpicks so it holds while it cooks later. Do the same with the other breast. For the mushroom, stuff them with the rest of the left over filling, don’t forget to season the mushroom too. Bake them together in 350F, the mushroom takes about 10-12 minutes and the chicken should take around 25-30 minutes.

You’ll surprise how juicy the chicken would be later, it’s an instant favourite for us!

We had baked orange bell pepper aside and baked seasoned potato.
Let me know you yours go!


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