Rib Festival

Back again, I was too tired to post about the rib festival yesterday so here I am reporting to you guys that rib festival was awesome. Rib heaven, ribs everywhere, it’s such an honor to be able to come to a country that make a festival for rib…coughcough. Anyway, yes we did walk around 5.6K to the fest and walk back home, the walk was pretty fun although we were a bit soaked on the way home, damn you rain. The festival wasn’t that crowded as I thought, the days before were crazy packed of human sardines, I thought we would end in the same condition, but since it was the last day everything was pretty chill. We met up with two of out friends, whenever we meet them we’re usually go for wings or lunch or whatever that include food. I don’t know if this is bad or not lol. But yeah, prepare for the ribs!

It was my first time trying onion bloom, it was awesome I won’t lie, but kinda gross since there was so many oils under it…although we managed to finish it only for both of us. I found the recipe how to make this in a healthier way, bake, bake, bake. I’ll try it out around this week if I have time. Oh, we’re gonna be a bit busy moving out this weekend, I’m pretty excited cause I haven’t see the place, my sis did, and we’re waiting for our brother to come too around mid August. More reason to cook….. .__. haha

Wait, the food’s not finish yet, we bought ice creams for dessert.

The vanilla one was mine, it was mixed with black cherry ice cream underneath, again, my first time trying black cherries ice cream, instant favorite! I wonder where I can find this flavor, or is this normal and it’s just me who missed out.

And my sis with grape slushy, we share the slushy and you might know why -.-; so many foods….

On the way home I notice this stickers slapped around.

The most genius slap I’ve seen so far, I feel like pull it off and taking it home. Now back to normal, eating healthy, healthy healthy!

See you on the next post!



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