Baked Salmon with BBQ Mushroom

So, I’m keeping this blog alive and got a few response, made me excited and the will to keep on posting. Go thumb power! Thank you for those who’s checking this blog out, even though there’s not many fancy recipes but it might gives you idea for a meal plan and if you’re lazy to cook haha. Anyway, I’m posting this one from my work place, I’ve done my stuff so while waiting for the next task I spent my time playing games online posting this. I just had my lunch, which is baked salmon with mashed potato and bbq mushrooms on top, the guy sitting beside me kept glancing on my food cause it smells so good.. just kidding.


Nothing fancy, just a plain baked 6oz Salmon piece, I like it plain for salmon. The flavour comes from the bbq muchrooms, they were baked for about 10 minutes with the salmon, and placed on top of salt and pepper mashed potato, mmmm.
I still have my Popeye Salad for dinner, I only added bbq flavored canned beans on top, giving it more flavor! Can’t wait for dinner.


Getting near to the weekend, me and sis are planning to go to rib fest this Sunday, and since we’re going to get huge ribs, we’re going to the place walking.. it’s about 3.4 miles  away from home, don’t worry we walked all 4.3 miles last week so it shouldn’t be a problem, except this time we have to go back which means another 3.4 miles. I’m totally looking forward to this weekend, the ribs are going to be a treat for sure. Look forward for the pictures!



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