Popeye Salad

 Hi, I’m back with another recipe, a spinach salad this time, yes, yes, Popeye salad, I made that up. Pretty easy and quick to make, I usually have 30-45 minutes to prepare lunch boxes, I have longer time but I just don’t want to spend all of it just for making lunch box. I go to my room and kill my time browsing and checking emails instead till the time I go to work.

This is honestly my first time trying a salad with spinach, the spinach itself is less tasty than lettuce, and that’s why we mix it with bunch of tasty ingredients kids.



Baby Spinach,

hard boiled egg/s (mashed),

red bell pepper,

cheddar cheese,


a little bit of almonds..or lot of them.


Don’t ask me how to make a salad please. Just kidding! ..no, seriously.



And yes, if you notice that is left over baked crumb basa from the day before, I don’t know if you can see the salt and pepper seasoned mashed potato though.



Can’t wait for lunch!


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