Good morning! Sandwich for Starter!

Good morning! Good day! Good evening! Depends where you are in the world. As you see we’re starting a new fresh food blog here, is there anything more excited than food!? Hah!

Me and my sister are willing to do this for fun, and we hope to share them to you. Me, Zadia, I do all the technical stuff behind this blog, maintaining and posting things. And my sister Zevena, takes a part as the cook, well, me too, but she takes a bigger part than me, I just go excited when it starts the ‘tasting’ part.

We will post all breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts here. There will be many photos and recipes! Also, we’d like to at least post one post each week of a nationality cuisine we’ll cook by picking randomly the name of a country in the world. Yep! We’re travelling the world by their foods. So make sure you’ll keep in track with us!

There’s nothing better than the smell of toast in the morning. Or, for me at least. A quick prepared sandwich and a glass of milk will fuel you up through the day! I put randomly what I can find in the fridge; hams, sliced cheese, tomato, and lettuce slices. Don’t forget to add ketchup, you’re set, and ready to start your activity.



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